Alert – Auto Insurance coverage, Well being Insurance coverage Not Permitting Pre-Current Situations

Alert - Auto Insurance

The entire Federal Well being Insurance coverage Reform debate is uncontrolled. Individuals, Congressmen, insurance coverage can’t be positioned towards a danger that has already been broken. The one exception to that being auto legal responsibility insurance coverage which is NOT protecting any peril to property in your care, management or custody. Your physique is your property (a bodily being) in your care, management and custody similar to your automotive. Ask any rebellious teenager if their physique just isn’t their property.Medical insurance firms make a revenue from the premiums they cost. Some make way more revenue than others and a few are created as Not-For-Revenue entities. Congress has attacked For-Revenue medical health insurance firms on the grounds that they’re creating ‘extreme’ income. These medical health insurance firms are profiting on the backs of Individuals well being. How dare them!What about auto insurance coverage firms? Do they not create ‘extreme’ income? Do they revenue on the backs of Individuals required by their state governments to take care of auto insurance coverage if they’re to legally function a automotive on public roads? Why is Congress not attacking the auto insurance coverage business? Or, did I communicate prematurely?How totally different are the 2 insurance coverage sorts? Not very totally different, are they? So why is Congress deciding to take over an business that operates similar to the auto insurance coverage business? Why are Individuals permitting this to happen?Whenever you drive your automotive right into a pole, one other automotive, a fence, a barn, again of your spouse’s automotive, your automotive will (presumably) endure from bodily injury to the physique panels, the chassis, engine and/or cockpit. For those who didn’t have ‘bodily injury’ protection (complete and collision) on the time of the accident, you can not go to an insurance coverage agent or your current agent and have bodily injury added to your legal responsibility insurance coverage coverage. It is too late. You elected to not carry the protection or your automotive was too previous from the insurance coverage firm perspective to just accept bodily injury protection in your automotive. Both manner, too unhealthy so unhappy. You had been too late.When you will have a coronary heart assault at age 42 and should not have medical health insurance that covers coronary heart assaults, you can not return to the medical health insurance firm and ask so as to add it to your present coverage. They’ll snicker you all the way in which to curb in from of their ginormous headquarter constructing. You are too late. To unhealthy so unhappy. “You should have called yesterday to add that coverage to your policy, sir.” “I did know I was going to have a heart attack today.” No kidding. That is the entire premise behind insurance coverage – insuring for loss at a while sooner or later, not a while up to now.As a For-Revenue small enterprise proprietor, I don’t perceive why different Individuals are so hellbent on Congress taking up an insurance coverage business, taking out all the things insurance coverage, and calling it ‘insurance coverage’? If it walks, acts and quacks like a duck, then is not it a duck? In Washington, if walks, acts, and quacks like a duck that should imply seize it, tear it up, put it again collectively and make it appear like a jackass whereas nonetheless calling it a duck. Get up! After medical health insurance, what’s subsequent? Auto insurance coverage? Airways? Banking? Vehicle? (Oh yhea, they already acquired these two)!